Welcome to the ProZ.com store

ProZ.com Store Promotion: The ProZ.com store is promoted via the home page "deal of the day" (randomly selected ProZ.com store client every day) as well as via our newsletters, site banner ads, and our KudoZ and Job notification emails.

ProZ.com Store listing order: The items on the store page will be randomly rotated per user so don't worry about position within the store.

ProZ.com Store maintenance and changing of items: Clients are provided password and log in details so that they may change the sale item at any time and as often as they wish. Clients will be required to refresh their offering at least one time every 14 days in order to maintain fresh inventory and provide incentive for repeat visits.

Pricing: The pricing is entirely up to the client, however we would expect a minimum of a 10% discount off of the standard open prices as ProZ.com community members are historically used to receiving a minimum discount of 10% on purchases

Payment & disbursement of products: ProZ.com Store merely redirects client to your site or payment processor. Collection of funds and disbursement of products is entirely up to the Store client - you keep and manage all your money and products.

Costs and Set up: ProZ.com store clients pay a $500 one time set up fee and then a $100 monthly maintenance fee plus $0.25 per click on your product URL. Pay per click prices are due regardless of whether a sale is completed. Click tracking compiled by ProZ.com. Every effort is made to eliminate web crawlers and false clicks. A credit card is necessary for ProZ.com store and monthly charges will be automatically billed.